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While advocating for the rights of the child in the professional and political arena, CALM Africa also works directly with local communities. It works with local leaders and members of the community to design and deliver programmes that are making a significant difference to the lives of vulnerable families and children. CALM Africa operates in Rakai, Wakiso and Kampala Districts to raise awarenes on the rights of children, support vulnerable families and provide education to the marginalised children. Information on some of our current community projects are contained within this section.

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach programme aims at identifying and assisting vulnerable families within the communities that we operate in. We work closely with local leaders to identify these families, and then CALM Africa field-workers and volunteers design interventions that will provide essential relief as well as initiatives that will be sustainable and enable the family to regain self-sufficiency to ensure a secure and healthy future.

Our intervention packages follow a six-step process:
1. The provision of emergency survival packs to meet immediate needs od vulnerable families
2. Teaching important life-skills so that child-headed households can begin to improve their standard of life
3. Setting up a safe home, ensuring access to clean drinking water and providing the basic requirements for a clean and healthy home
4. Helping children access primary, secondary and vocational education
5. Integrating the children back into the community and helping them find employment
6. Encouraging the children to participate in and contribute to community activities and issues
Once we have worked through this process with the family, we maintain regular contacts to monitor their progress and make adjustments to the plan if need be. If our intervention has been successful, the family will become self-reliant and should not require the ongoing supply of financial or other resources. But there are many other vulnerable families who still require our support, so our field workers begin the process again of working with local leaders to identify and assist another family – the cycle continues.





Beads for Life Program 

Calm Africa targets women groups in Nangabo and Kiira sub-counties plus those in the slums of kawempe  and supports them in making hand crafts including beads to rebuild their future. Through a detailed and quite remarkable process, the women make colourful beads from used paper calendars and use these beads to make jewellery which is sold within local markets, and internationally through volunteers. While the process is lengthy, the cost of production is low and the women are committed. By earning a modest, regular income they are able to provide for the future of their families by getting their children back into school, accessing medical care, maintaining a healthy diet and providing safe accommodation. While their lifestyle remains modest, The Beads for Life programme has greatly improved the lives of these women. In addition to the supply of materials and training, CALM Africa also provides basic information to the women groups on HIV/AIDS, the rights of the child and other related issues.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

While it is true that progress has been made in recent years, the HIV/AIDS epidemic remains one of the greatest challenges to the eradication of poverty, improving the lives of communities, and the economic development of the nations of East Africa. Among the educated, great progress has been made. Early diagnosis is essential and allows both the administration of medical treatment, and lifestyle adjustments to ensure the disease is not passed on to others. But within poorer, less educated areas where the disease is more prevalent and the chances of contraction are high, awareness is low and the epidemic continues to gain momentum. It is essential to improve education and increase awareness on the ways that HIV/AIDS can be contracted, spread, diagnosed and treated. To help address some of these issues, CALM Africa hosts workshops and training programmes targeting different groups within communities. Medical workshops, for instance, help teach members of the local communities how to protect themselves from contracting the disease, while training local health practitioners on safety measures to control the spread of the disease is also essential. Research shows that the disease is often transmitted through sex or by the use of dirty, infected syringes by traditional healers within communities. CALM therefore targets sex workers, youth out of school and traditional healers for training in the basic facts of transmission of HIV/AIDS and the use of basic sanitation methods within their localities. And importantly, lobbying on issues of HIV/AIDS also includes training woman leaders and young woman to advocate for their rights. Efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS will be wasted, until women are empowered to make their own decisions and the options available to young women, in particular, are broadened through education.

  Fostering Community:

Throughout our community work, we have found that there are a number of families that informally foster children especially those who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS or other causes. In this way, CALM Africa has identified a number of families in Nangabo community as potential foster families. These families are trained in parenting skills, fostering dynamics and alternatives to child institutionalisation. Today CALM Africa is talking of Nangabo fostering community and is working with different partners to strengthen the capacity of this community as an alternative child care.

Other Community Projects:
- Water Security Project
- Latrine Construction
- Kawempe Slum Teenager Mothers Empowerment Project
- Child Protection
- Career Guidance in Schools
- Send a Pig Project
- Food Security and Environment Project
- Ride to Prosperity Project
- Health Mobile Project




















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