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CALM Africa’s vision is to see every child enjoy their rights – Survival, Development, Provision, Protection, Participation, Entitlement and Responsibility – as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child and the Ugandan Constitution. But conditions, resources and services in Africa are not as yet equipped to ensure that these rights are protected. The lobbying and advocacy work of non-profit organisations, such as CALM Africa, is essential to ensuring that Africa’s children are not overlooked.
CALM Africa promotes, observes and protects the rights of children in general but particularly focuses on especially vulnerable children in the community.We work at all levels – from individual child orphans, to local and national Government officials – to ensure that information is available to inform effective public policy and that the much needed services reach all the way to those, within communities that need them most.

Raising awareness is the first step, and from there we can take a more solid position to advocate and lobby for change where needed.
We provide training and information to children and adults in local communities about the rights of children and the responsibilities. We lobby international NGOs, donors and Government to support children’s rights. Our aim is to use Human Rights Based Approach, so that interventions to protect children are aligned to human rights framework to enable children effectively shape their own future and participate in the development of their communities. CALM aims to achieve this by sensitising local leaders and opinion leaders on children’s rights, formation of children rights committees at sub-county level and running 24 Radio programmes on advocacy. We support, wholeheartedly, the adoption and implementation of universal primary education and work with local leaders to identify and work with families within communities which cannot afford to send their children to school.

We have established a variety of youth programmes addressing the areas that the youth tell us are hindering their progress and the development of communities. Involving local leaders is key to progress, and we seek to educate and inform them on the issues and ensure they are privy to the feedback, insight and recommendations we receive directly from the youth. On these issues, where appropriate, we offer seminars, workshops and organise public (but peaceful) rallies to raise awareness and advocate for change.

We also definitively and without reservation speak and act out on abuse and violence against children. In these regrettable situations, our primary concern is the rehabilitation of the child, but we will also work with local authorities where appropriate to prosecute offenders. On all of these issues, our ability to influence relies entirely on our credibility as an information source. We regularly conduct research on the issues on-the-ground by surveying communities and producing reports.

We teach our youth that rights come also with responsibilities, and through the education programmes provided in seminars, youth groups and our formal education systems, we equip the youth with the skills and confidence they need to lobby for change on their own behalf. We teach that they have a responsibility to participate in discussions and contribute to the formulation of solutions on issues that affect them, and by doing so they will further improve their skills and enhance their knowledge, and the cycle of poverty will, one day, be replaced with the cycle of empowerment.

Calm Africa is always invited by NGOs like Katalemwa Children's Home, Uganda Youth Development Link and others to train their staff on child protection issues and policy formulation. This gives the organisation the oppotunity to Advocate for the Rights of Children in a pragmatic manner. Further still, the Director of CALM Africa as a visiting lecturer to Makerere University, takes advantage of this to discuss with students child protection issues. This is another advocacy strategy. Please read one of the presentations:

(i) Horn Craft Making by Kalerwe Youth: Another CALM Africa Empowering Strategy   Download to read More

























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